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Be one of the first 100 people to purchase Baby2Sleep’s Build Your Own Sleep Plan and win. 

There are the following prizes up for grabs:

10 x 1 personalised support call worth £40

20 x 1 months free membership into the support group for ongoing sleep support and parenting advice from experts in their field worth £30

70 x 1 age appropriate bedtime story posted out for you to read with your child

The prize will be selected at random once you purchase the plan and sent with your confirmation email. 

All plans just £99

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Who is Baby2Sleep

Baby2Sleep is ran by Nicole, a mum to a beautiful 3 year old called Sofia. Nicole started studying sleep after her very difficult beginning with Sofia, and now changes the lives of families around the world by re-introducing sleep back into families lives. Nicole has studied both gentle sleep training, and most importantly, and in-depth study of Holistic Sleep Coaching to make sure that all parents really understand sleep, and look at the whole picture of daytime and night time to help implement changes. 

To understand sleep is half the battle when helping your baby sleep well which is why this online course has been created. 

Nicole knows that not every family needs the in-depth 121 support and coaching, yet still need some degree of help, and that the right knowledge and guidance can make huge differences in peoples lives when it comes to supporting a baby to sleep well. 

This is the reason this course has been designed. If you need help with naps, it's covered, night weaning, it's here, gentle sleep training and options, they are covered, sleep associations and helping to break them, included, along with so much more useful information. 

This is the first online course aimed specifically at parents with this in-depth knowledge that can help improve your families sleep. You can make changes as and when you feel ready, as you always have access to the information.

If you would like to understand baby sleep, and would like to help your baby sleep well, this is for you. 

Helping families reconnect by supporting their babies to sleep well

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6 - 9 month old sleep

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9- 12 month old sleep

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12-24 month old sleep

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I highly recommend Nicole. Not only does she really know her stuff, she's also a really lovely person.
Her build your own sleep plan is fantastic. The videos that you access are invaluable. They are small, quick snippets of information that you can refer back to at any time rather than having to leaf through a book or find the right place in a long winded video.
I knew Nicole was the person to help us as after trying several different books/ techniques nothing was helping with my 6 month son. She immediately knew what would help him based on his character and I made his naps a priority. This in turn really helped with his night time sleep.
Nicole is so knowledgeable, without her and her plan we would not be getting the sleep we are today! Thank you <3

Alex (7 month old Rex)

Harry has been doing super well, naps are perfect and he is sleeping through with the odd cry in the night. 

Life is tough right now so getting Harry's sleep sorted has been a blessing.

All we have left to do with Harry is get him off the dreamfeed. 

Lisa (13 month old Harry)

I haven’t managed to watch all of the videos yet, but the ones I have I can honestly say have completely opened my eyes. I have made some small changes at naptimes, which have already started having a massive impact. Nicole explains sleep so magnificently, how bodies fight sleep, what we need to promote good sleep and advice for how to gently prepare our babies for sleep. From only watching six videos so far, which are around five minutes in length, I already recognise that E was struggling with being over sensitised, over-tired and not being able to stitch his sleep cycles together without feeding and I never realised that before. I thought that he associated breastfeeding with sleep, but I never understood how much this was impacting on him moving through sleep cycles on his own.

Update from Nicola (Iamcrabstix)