Do you crave a full nights sleep? Would you like to get this without breaking the bank and having a happier baby who sleeps well?

If so, the 'Build Your Own Sleep Plan' is for you.

Created with the intention of supporting a majority of families, not just the people who, (like I did before I studied sleep) hit rock bottom through sleep deprivation, or who can afford one to one support.

This is your chance as a parent to really understand the complexities behind baby sleep in a simple, accessible form.

Having studied with BabyEm and Holistic Sleep Coaching along with undertaking other courses, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the information provided to you is based on science, research and experience.

The knowledge provided in the videos is to empower you to make the choices you feel comfortable with at a pace that is right for you and your baby.

If you want to continue safe co-sleeping but just want to improve naps, you have the tools to do this. 

If you are at the other end of the scale and need bigger changes, you have the tools to do this also.

Your baby's sleep and your own are in your hands but with knowledge and support.

Read some of the testimonials from others who have used this plan.

Included with the 'Build Your Own Sleep Plan'

Upon purchasing the 'Build Your Own Sleep Plan', you will be sent  your login and password to access the videos, along with useful documents to help support you in developing your plan.

You will also be sent a link to join the online support group within Facebook where you will have 2 months free access to aid you on your journey. This is ran directly by Nicole from Baby2Sleep and she will answer your questions should you have any.

If you feel you need more support and are looking for one to one support with a specific plan tailored to your family, have a look at my website or contact me directly by email -

Should you decide you wish to work with me on a supported one to one plan, the price paid for your online plan will always be taken off so there is no harm in trying this first.

Who is Nicole from Baby2Sleep?

Baby2Sleep is ran by Nicole, a mum to a beautiful 4 year old called Sofia and due her second arrival in March 2020.

Nicole started studying sleep after a very difficult start with Sofia, and now changes the lives of families around the world by re-introducing sleep back into families lives. Nicole has studied both gentle sleep training, and most importantly, and in-depth study of Holistic Sleep Coaching to make sure that all parents really understand sleep, and look at the whole picture of daytime and night time to help implement changes. 

To understand sleep is half the battle when helping your baby sleep well which is why this online course has been created. 

Nicole knows that not every family needs the in-depth 121 support and coaching, yet still need some degree of help, and that the right knowledge and guidance can make huge differences in peoples lives when it comes to supporting a baby to sleep well. 

This is the reason this course has been designed. If you need help with naps, it's covered, night weaning, it's here, gentle sleep training and options, they are covered, sleep associations and helping to break them, included, along with so much more useful information. 

This is the first online course aimed specifically at parents with this in-depth knowledge that can help improve your families sleep. You can make changes as and when you feel ready, as you always have access to the information.

If you would like to understand baby sleep, and would like to help your baby sleep well, this is for you. 


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I highly recommend Nicole. Not only does she really know her stuff, she's also a really lovely person.
Her build your own sleep plan is fantastic. The videos that you access are invaluable. They are small, quick snippets of information that you can refer back to at any time rather than having to leaf through a book or find the right place in a long winded video.
I knew Nicole was the person to help us as after trying several different books/ techniques nothing was helping with my 6 month son. She immediately knew what would help him based on his character and I made his naps a priority. This in turn really helped with his night time sleep.
Nicole is so knowledgeable, without her and her plan we would not be getting the sleep we are today! Thank you <3

Alex (7 month old Rex)

Harry has been doing super well, naps are perfect and he is sleeping through with the odd cry in the night. 

Life is tough right now so getting Harry's sleep sorted has been a blessing.

All we have left to do with Harry is get him off the dreamfeed. 

Lisa (13 month old Harry)

I haven’t managed to watch all of the videos yet, but the ones I have I can honestly say have completely opened my eyes. I have made some small changes at naptimes, which have already started having a massive impact. Nicole explains sleep so magnificently, how bodies fight sleep, what we need to promote good sleep and advice for how to gently prepare our babies for sleep. From only watching six videos so far, which are around five minutes in length, I already recognise that E was struggling with being over sensitised, over-tired and not being able to stitch his sleep cycles together without feeding and I never realised that before. I thought that he associated breastfeeding with sleep, but I never understood how much this was impacting on him moving through sleep cycles on his own.

Update from Nicola (Iamcrabstix)

Currently using the ‘Build Your Own Sleep Plan’ and found everything invaluable. In the space of a week, I have fully night weaned a bottle and boob mad 15 month old. He was waking and feeding to sleep every few hours and used the bottle/boob to fall asleep at bedtime.
Nicole’s approach is so, so gentle and has helped me as much as Oscar to feel happy with the plan. I want to continue to co sleep at the moment for a number of reasons and I thought that would make any form of ‘sleep training’ impossible but it hasn’t at all.
I am able to take everything at my own pace and feel like I have the tools to work on the phase of changes over the next few weeks.
So pleased that we decided to take out plan and so thankful for Nicole’s support xx

Heather & Oscar (15 months)

I can highly recommend the build your own sleep plan! It gave really great advice in clear concise videos (that we could go back and revisit when needed) all about the science of baby sleep and we finally realised why our little girl hadn’t been sleeping all these months… at 6.5 months and after sleeping through only twice and waking sometimes for 3 hours in the night… we were desperate to try something but didn’t believe in ‘cry it out’
We were able to make tweaks and changes (mainly to her naps and sleep associations!) through the guidance and it was like a light switch!
I am pleased to say Imogen is sleeping through the night now (7-7!!)
I would highly recommend Nicole, she is a true expert in baby sleep and the build your own plan was worth every penny!
Thank you so much x

Charlotte & Imogen (6 months)

Nicole’s plans really are amazing!

We have gone from waking every 2-4 hours to finally sleeping through (7-7/30pm-6:30/7am).

Thank you so much Nicole! Before starting your plan 3 weeks ago (29/11/19) Oliver (12 months) was waking every 2-4 hours and it was starting to really drain me! For the past week or two he’s been going down between 7-8pm and waking at 5:30am, quick feed/settle and he’d normally stay in bed until 6:30/7pm, which was a lot better than before. And now we’ve successfully had two nights of sleeping through.

I’m just so shocked that’s he’s taking to it so quickly! I used to feed to sleep whenever he woke and had to hold him for a good 10 minutes before putting him into his cot and then co-sleeping from 4:30/5am as I was exhausted. Recently Ive been able to put him in his cot awake and actually walk out and shut the door, no crying just rolled around for a little while and then fell fast asleep! I was not expecting miracles straight away, and he does sometimes need re-settling during the night still, however it’s only the once, which is a million times better than before!! Fingers crossed he keeps doing so well 🤞🏻

Philippa Leach

I would highly recommend Nicole. Our 16 month old was waking every hour in the night, it made life really hard being so tired all the time. We decided to try the online package and within a week of watching it, our son slept through the night for the very first time and has continued to sleep well since. We found the videos really useful in helping us understand why our son wasn’t sleeping and could then make some changes. I just wish we’d done it sooner! 

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